Kids' Regular Events

Kids cope so easily with languages, especially in contexts involving fun and friends. Here you have a wealth of exciting opportunities for our young folk to immerse themselves in cultural expression. You’ll probably agree with us that these were thin on the ground when we (if you are reading this as a parent) were kids.

Kids' Events and Activities

Group/Event Programme Venue/Contact
youth piperAnnual Feis
4-day festival of youth traditional and Gaelic arts
4 days of music and creative arts tuition, with Gaelic activities, and a cčilidh. Full day for P4s and over, afternoons for P1-3. Takes place each February (except 2008 it is in May) Contact 07514 948 268, or
Young Fčis 
                      accordionistsFeis Saturday classes
Children's traditional and Gaelic arts classes
Hour-long classes on Saturday between 1 pm and 4 pm Tollcross Community Centre. Contact 07514 948 268, or
fiddles designGrŕisg ňg: Gillian’s youth band
(G) (high school age+)
Rehearsals every fortnight on a Monday or Tuesday evening Tollcross Primary. Contact
Gaelic folk groupFeis drop-in coffee-shop music sessions
Led sessions for teenagers through Gaelic.
These have finished for the current term. They ran 4.00 - 5.30 pm on a weekday. Please get in touch if you would like these to run again. Black Medicine Coffee shop, Marchmont.
footballing Gaels in actionBall-coise na Cloinne
Gaelic football training for P5 - S2 children.
Training and a practice match on Tuesdays 3.30 - 5 pm. The team also takes part in the annual Gaelic interschools football tournament in June (in Oban last year). Tollcross Primary. Contact 0131 229 7828.
young shinty playersCamanachd Dhůn-Čideann
Bilingual shinty training for P1 - P7 children.
Training and practice matches on Fridays 12.30 - 1.45 (P3/4) and Saturdays 11.15 - 12.30 (P1-7). It is hoped that one or more teams will take part in Central Scotland competitions later this year. Tollcross Primary. Contact the club secretary on 07729 307 487 or
young local Mod competitor 
                      performs for the judgesLocal Mod
Annual music and arts competition festival - currently a children's Mod
Organised by the Edinburgh branch of An Comunn Gŕidhealach. Takes place on a Friday in September. A large range of singing, instrumental, drama, storytelling, dance and literary competitions. Tollcross Primary School. Contact 0131 476 6611.

(u) universally accessible to all audiences, (st) simultaneous translation for Gaelic content, (g) some untranslated Gaelic content, (G) mainly or completely through Gaelic.

a young national Mod 
                      prizewinner performsNational Mod
Annual music and arts competition festival