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Gaelic Schools

If one of Edinburgh’s very best school and pre-school education options is still something of a well-kept secret, it won’t be for long.

smart Gaelic school 
                  children interactMore and more parents are discovering the huge benefits that Gaelic-medium education brings. These include academic results that are among the top out of any grouping.

And it doesn’t end there. Through bilingualism and access to an immense range of cultural opportunities, Gaelic-medium educated children soar in cultural identity and self-confidence. From an early age, many also acquire enviable skills in performance and the arts and other areas.

Best of all, Gaelic-medium education is free, is available to everyone, and is made accessible throughout the city through school buses that transport children to and from school. (Surrounding local authorities also support children wishing to travel to Edinburgh for Gaelic-medium education in different ways.)

The schools are: Tollcross Primary, which has had both English- and Gaelic-medium streams since 1988, and James Gillespie’s High School, which offers a number of subjects taught through Gaelic.